What are
My Blind Spots?

Your personality has a profound effect on your relationship with others as every relationship is built around the personality styles of the people in it. Most of us have psychological ‘Blind Spots’ which are aspects of our personality that are obvious to everyone but ourselves.

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How It Works

each person will receive a customised report with insights into their personality style including some of the ‘Blind Spots’ that others may see but you tend to overlook or be blissfully unaware of.


What Will I Learn?

You will find out the image you convey to others, your personality style and how to figure out the personality of the other person whom you are in a relationshipwith.

Why other people react to you the way they do and how to create rapport to succeed in your relationship with others.




In your relationships with others


Yourself and your behaviours, temperament and personality


Given practical tips for building your strengths and better relationships


Affordable pricing for alifetime of happiness practises


As a result, you will be able to:

  • Better understand yourself.
  • Manage to get along with other people by understanding your own Blind Spots.
  • Learn how to negotiate the Blind Spots in your significant others.
  • Personal life – what you will learn, will help you have a better relationship at home with your loved ones.
  • Conflict — you will learn what to do when there is a conflict in your relationship.
  • Forge much more effective work relationships.
  • Learn to find the best career fit for your type of personality. And if you have a business of your own, how to hire the right person for the position.